Friday, 11 February 2011

Skimming Stones ... six times

Skimming Stones, the latest issue of Your Heart Out, which can be downloaded for free here, looks at what happened to Mike Dorane after the Disco Dub Band failed to set the charts on fire, and his Rockers/Movers labels disappeared. It's not easy picking up the traces, but he certainly did quite a bit of work with the legendary Jah Shaka, and he had a long-standing working relationship with the Twinkle Brothers. This started when the Twinkle Brothers were signed to Virgin's Front Line label, and Mike mixed the extraordinary disco 12" of Jahoviah. He worked with the Twinkle Brothers on a series of great LPs when Norman Grant moved to the UK at the start of the '80s, and there are all sorts of highlights to explore, like Mob Fury, from the Respect & Honour LP. Norman Grant and the Twinkle Brothers' story took a fascinating twist at the end of the '80s when he started another long-running partnership with the Polish traditional folk ensemble, the Trebunie-Tutki family who recorded with the Twinkle Brothers a number of times, most notably perhaps on the essential Dub With Strings set ...

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